Friday, April 29, 2011

Swagbucks: For Newbies Only! (Trusted Survey's Profiles)

If you are a newbie on Swagbucks, or just never heard of the Profiles section in Trusted Surveys, this post is for you! Completing the Profiles in Trusted Surveys will give you some free one-time Swag Bucks! I say one-time, because you can only get awarded once by doing it. Let's get started.

First, you will need to go to Trusted Surveys. You will find the link on the side bar.

Wait for it to load then click "Profiles".

Now the list of profiles will show up, complete them and you will get awarded! :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thank You Swagbucks and Bing Rewards!

I would like to thank Swagbucks and Bing Rewards for rewarding me with the Amazon Gift Cards that I used to purchase this new microphone for my camcorder! Now I can make better quality videos. :) Thank you guys! You guys can trust them. Proof right here. :)

Items seen in the picture.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Swagbucks: Get Over 100 SB Everyday

Today I will teach you how to get over 100 SB a day on Swagbucks. I'm just going to list it for you. This won't be a really big post.

So I can usually win 30 SB from search alone everyday. I usually win 10 or more SB each time and I can win 3-4 times a day. You can get more searching tips here. I usually max out SBTV everyday, which is another 75 SB there. :) You can see how to use SBTV here.

So so far, it adds up to 105 SB already. I then get 10 SB from free games daily too! You can get some game tips here. Don't forget the daily 5. :D I get 4 SB each day because I don't want to install the toolbar. You can learn about the daily 5 here. Now add the Swag Codes (tips here) and some video offers on the offer walls on top of that leads to over 100 SB a day! :) For me it usually averages 150 SB a day. Hope this has helped you! Please comment!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Another Points2Shop Testimonial

Thank you Points2Shop for the Mono to Stereo adapter! I needed this adapter for the new microphone I bought, because it is a mono microphone and my camcorder records stereo audio. This is the second testimonial I have done as this is the second prize I received from them. :) You can read my first one here. So what are you waiting for?

Products mentioned in this post

How to Use Bing Rewards

Today I will teach you how to use Bing Rewards. To get started, you'll need to sign up and download the Bing Bar. If you don't know what Bing Rewards is, I have a description at the end of this post.

So after all that, you'll need to find the button with the total amount of points you have and click it.

Now a box with instructions will pop up. The ones with a grey bar (or partially grey bar) means that offer has not been completed yet.

In my screenshot, I already completed the last 2 offers. Those are what I call "link" offers. All you have to do is click the link and wait for the page to load to get credited. I noticed a pattern, you usually get 2 new ones every 2-3 days. For the search offer, use the Bing bar to do web searches through out the day. You get 1 point for every 2 searches. 20 points on search a day. 

As you search through out the day, the bar for search will slowly fill up.

After all the bars are 100% green, you are done for the day! :)

If you want to see the prices for the prizes or you want to redeem something, click the redeem button.

The store should come up in a new tab/window! Enjoy! Prizes will also include Bing gear not available anywhere else! Amazon Gift Cards are also available if you want them.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. Please leave a comment. :) Amazon Gift Cards will usually take a week to process. They will email you the code.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Points2Shop: Freebies (FREE Stuff)

One of the best things I like about Points2Shop is that they have an entire section dedicated to freebies alone. Meaning free give outs of promotional samples, food samples, and a lot more! All content there are user generated. You do not get points for signing up for anything there, however you do get a lot of free stuff. :)

To access the Freebies section, hover over the "Earn Points" button at the top left, and click "Freebies". (Click to see full size screenshot)

Then you will see a list of Freebies! Enjoy! If a Freebie is good, make sure you give it a good rating (+) and leave a comment. If it bad, click the (-) so others won't bother looking at it again.

You can also share Freebies you find with others! You get 1 lottery ticket for ever Freebie you share, but make sure you don't spam. You will loose 1 lottery ticket for each spam, and risk being BANNED! No weak discounts is allowed, has to be 100% free. Offers saying you have to pay for the shipping is considered SPAM.

To post a Freebie, you have to go to the Forum first. Go to the top to find a link to the Forum.

Then scroll down until you find the "Free Stuff" section. Go that the section by clicking it.

Then just create a new topic. 

Remember to include what country it is for, what they are giving away, what you have to do to get it, and a link to the page you found it on. I hope this has helped you. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Swagbucks: How to Snag Amazon Gift Cards Efficiently

Hey guys, this tutorial will teach you how to snag Amazon Gift Cards on Swagbucks efficiently. Please keep in mind that each Swag Buck (1 SB) is worth approximately 1¢. You can only snag 5 of the same item per month. So here are some calculations.

$5 Amazon Gift Card Calculations
1 $5 Amazon Gift Card ($5) = 450 SB or $4.50
$5 - $4.50 = YOU SAVE 50¢!

5 $5 Amazon Gift Cards ($25) = 2250 SB or $22.50
$25 - $22.50 = YOU SAVE $2.50!

10 $5 Amazon Gift Cards ($50) = 4500 SB or $45.00
$50 - $45 = YOU SAVE $5! (1 FREE GIFT CARD)

20 $5 Amazon Gift Cards ($100) = 9000 SB or $90.00
$100 - $90 = YOU SAVE $10! (2 FREE GIFT CARDS)

$25 Amazon Gift Card Calculations
1 $25 Amazon Gift Card ($25) = 3150 SB or $31.50
$31.50 - $25 = $6.50 PROCESSING FEE

2 $25 Amazon Gift Cards ($50) = 6300 SB or $63
$63 - $50 = $13 PROCESSING FEE

4 $25 Amazon Gift Cards ($100) = 12600 SB or $126.00
$126 - $100 = $26 PROCESSING FEE

$50 Amazon Gift Card Calculations
1 $50 Amazon Gift Card ($50) = 5900 SB or $59.00
$59 - $50 = $9 PROCESSING FEE

2 $50 Amazon Gift Cards ($100) = 11800 SB or $118.00
$118 - $100 = $18 PROCESSING FEE

So according to the calculations, the $5 Amazon Gift Cards has the best value. Unless you have something you really really want, only spend your Swag Bucks on $5 ones. If you get the other ones, you'll be paying processing fees to Swagbucks. If you really can't wait, go get the $50 one as it has less processing fees than the $25 ones. Only get the $25 ones as a last resort! I hope this has helped you make better snagging choices with your Swag Bucks. :) If you have other tips please tell me in the comments below!

Fun Fact: If you have enough Swag Bucks to cash out 5 of each Amazon Gift Card per month, you will get $400 in Amazon Gift Cards and will be using 47500 SB ($475)! LOL

How to Redeem Amazon Gift Cards

One thing I love about Amazon is that they don't require you to provide a credit card in order to make a purchase. If you have enough Amazon gift cards, you don't need a credit card. This is great for kids and people who don't have credit cards! It is very easy to make a purchase online. Some of you guys might not know how to redeem an Amazon gift card. If you are one of them, please read this tutorial.

There are 2 ways of redeeming your Amazon gift cards. You can redeem them at the time of purchase, or add it to your account balance for later use. I will start off showing you to redeem them at the time of purchase first. Most of you probably already know this method, but still... Oh yeah, you can always click on screenshots to see the full size. :)

So after you have added all the items you want to your cart, go to your cart and click "Proceed to Check Out". You might have to login again.

After that, you will need to choose which address to ship to and stuff. After you do, it will lead you to the payment page and you will see a box where you can redeem your gift cards.

After that, if you have enough, you can proceed to check out with no credit cards, if you don't, you will need to provide a credit card. Proceed through the check out process until your order has been placed. Any unused balance will be recorded to your account and you can use it next time you make a purchase.

Don't know what to get your friend or loved one? Gift cards work great on any occasion!

Amazon allows you to add Amazon gift cards to your account for later purchases. Your balance will never expire. If you are using those free stuff websites, I recommend you credit your Amazon with the gift cards as soon as you get them, just in case you get banned from them. Here is how you add them to your account for later use. 

Once you sign in, go to the top right hand corner and click "My Account".

It might ask you for your password again for security purposes.

After you are in "My Account", locate the "Payment" section and click either  "View Gift Card Balance" or "Apply a Gift Card to Your Account".

After you are on that page, you should see a box that allows you to type your Amazon gift card code in.

You should get a message of success and see your balance go up. 

There you go! The balance never expire and you will have an option to use it the next time you check out! I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. Please share with your friends! Please comment too!

Also guys, I do participate in the Amazon Associates Program, so if you ever buy something from Amazon, please order though my link because I do get some referral fees. You'll be supporting me and help motivate me to bring you more great tutorials. ^_^

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Swagbucks - Where are my Gift Cards?

A lot of you newbies will probably be asking "Where are my gift cards?" or "If I order one, how will I receive it?". If you are one of them, please stay and read this tutorial! I will be teaching you today how to find your gift card codes. If you need help on redeeming your Amazon Gift Cards, please see my tutorial here.

Once Swagbucks finish processing your gift card (usually takes 2 weeks for Amazon Gift Card), you will get an email looking like this.

Just click the "View My Gift Cards" button to be taken there.

If you think you have missed the email, you can track the status of your orders by clicking the "My Account" link right above the "Account Summary" box at the top right corner (kinda).

Next click "Order Status" and a list of your orders should show up. If the gift card says verified, it hasn't been processed yet. If it says "In My Gift Cards", the gift card code is available for use. 

To find your gift card codes, go to "My Gift Cards".

After you have used the gift card, click "Mark As Used" so you don't get confused later on as you order more. I hope this has helped you! Please share with your friends! Also, I've got some tips here teaching you how to snag Amazon Gift Cards more efficiently. :)

If you need help redeeming an Amazon Gift Card, please see the blog post here.

Beezag: How to Watch and Earn

Earning points on Beezag is easy. First, you need to sign in. Then check if there are any matches for you. If there are new matches, it will appear under the video box.

I recommend you watch all your matches as they are very short. So click on the one that you want to watch the most and it should load on the video box above the matches.

As the video plays, watch for the numbers that scroll across the video box. Make sure you remember them as you need it when the video is done playing.

After the video is done playing type the 2 numbers you saw into the box and press Submit.

If you got it right, it should tell you how much points you got. If you got it wrong, it will tell you that your answer is wrong and you have to rewatch your video.

If you reach an error page like I did last time, don't get credited, and the video no longer appears in your matches, just contact Customer Support and they'll make it right. :) Trust me. Happened to me once, and they made it right for me. After you finish the first video, repeat with second video. Keep doing this until you finish watching all your matches.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Swagbucks: Find How You Got Your SBs and How Many You Have

You sometimes might want to know how you got your Swag Bucks, maybe to check if something credited or not. Here is how you can check.

After you sign in, go the to top right hand corner where your total Swag Bucks show up and hover over it. Then click "My Swag Bucks".

After you've done so, you will land on a page that tells you how much Swag Bucks you have on each Swagbucks powered website. 

To find out how you got them, click on "Ledger".

Once it loads, it will tell you how you got your Swag Bucks!

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. I know for a lot of you this might be easy, but apparently some of the users don't even know where to redeem a Swag Code. If you are one of them, don't feel offended. LOL Everyone needs to learn. :P If you don't know how to redeem a Swag Code, you can find my tutorial here.

Beezag: How to Find Out How You Earned Your Points

Maybe sometimes you when you use Beezag, you might want to know how you got your points. You might be wondering if a video credited you or not. Finding out how you earned your points on Beezag is easy. If you do not know how, this is the tutorial for you. :)

First of all, login on Beezag. Then click on "My Rewards" in the left side bar.

After you are in my rewards, click "How I Got My Rewards".

Now a list of how you earned your points should appear. This will include any purchases, points you got from videos, balance adjustments, and points earned for you from your referrals.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Please share with other Beezag users.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

FREE "Bring Back Limewire" T-shirt

Do you want a FREE "Bring Back Limewire" T-shirt? If you do, there is a website for you. This might be a limited time offer so hurry when it's available! I think it is open to both United States and Canada residents. Might be open to some other countries too. Not sure.

You just need to submit your name, address, and the shirt size you wear. Click here to order now! If you have received the shirt, please make a comment below. :)

If you enjoyed this offer, there is more offers like this on Points2Shop. There is a whole list there. Just go to Earn Points >> Freebies.

Don't know what Points2Shop is? Points2Shop is a website that pays you to click links, play game tournaments, and complete offers! The best thing I like about them is that they will pay you $1 per referral from the United Kingdom and the United States and 20¢ per referral from Canada. You get $2.50 (250 points) free when you sign up.
  • Prizes includes anything that is available from This includes games, electronics, etc.
  • Cash out as check, PayPal, Amazon Gift Card, and more!
  • Rewards are ordered with in 1-2 business days. 
  • $1 referral credit per UK/US referral. 
  • Offers include the "Daily Click Offers" where you are paid to click links and each "Daily Click" can be repeated once every 24 hours. 
  • "Spin2Win" game available so you can earn even more after completing an offer. This is available for most offers. You can earn lottery tickets, merits and entries to sweepstakes.
  • Weekly lottery with raising jackpot. 
  • Win points by participating in paid game tournaments.

Swagbucks Fun

So today, I will be showing how to make it look like you have won a lot of Swagbucks. Please remember that when you do this, you didn't actually win that many Swagbucks. If you follow the instructions here correctly, this will appear in your browser window. :)

Obviously you didn't win that much. You can get the same results if you click this link. How do you do this? You know how after you redeem a valid Swag Code it will tell you how much you have received right? If you take a look at your address bar, you should see a link similar to "". The 16 at the end is what tells the browser the number to display. If you modify the number, you will get a fake reading. You won't be receiving what it says you received, but it's fun to to play with.

You can also modify the number after "pcm" to a few other numbers to get different errors. Make sure you erase the "sb=16" from the above address. I'll tell you what they will give you here.
  • "" will give you "Please enter a valid Promotion Code or leave it empty."
  • "" will give you "Promotion Code entered is not valid on this site". 
  • "" will also give you "Promotion Code entered is not valid on this site".
  • "" will give you "You've already used this Swag Code".
  • "" will give you "Please enter a valid Promotion Code(Please note Promotion Codes are case sensitive)".
  • "" will also give you "Promotion Code entered is not valid on this site".
  • "" will give you "The Swag Code you entered has expired. Please enter a valid Swag Code".
I hope you enjoy playing around with it. :) If you need help finding Swag Codes or don't know how to redeem them, I created a tutorial. You can find it here.

    Friday, April 15, 2011

    Points2Shop - Read Their Email Newsletter

    Make sure you read Points2Shop and Cashle email newsletters! Sometimes their emails will include a button that you can press to redeem 1 point! I mean it. When the button is there it should look something like this:

    So read their emails! You get paid. Just click the link to claim your 1 point. It's great.

    If you think you aren't subscribed to their emails, I think these instructions will help you get on their mailing list. I'm not sure if it is right or not, but try it.

    First go find the "My Account" button on the top of the page, and then find "Change Preferences".

    After you get to your preferences page, click on the "Privacy" tab.

    Finally make sure "Notifications Newsletter" is checked. If it is, great! If it isn't, check the box and press "Submit".

    Hint for Gmail Users:
    Go create a new filter in your email settings. In the from box, put "" and in the Has the Words box put "Read this bonus email and earn 1 points". Now do a test search and all the bonus emails should show up. Now check mark the box called Apply the label and make a new label called "P2S BONUS". Save the filter and apply it to current emails. Next time you get a bonus email like this, it will be easier to notice!

    Swagbucks: Get 10 SB From Games Every Day

    You can get 10 SB from playing free games everyday. You can win 2 SB for every 2 games you play. You can access games after you log in by hovering over the "Earn" button at the top and the clicking "Games".

    You don't want to keep playing the same game. If you do, they won't credit you. I usually switch between Crusher, Drop3, and Rock 'n' Ball. Sometimes I might do Hungry Snake and Crazy Taxi too. (you can click screenshots to see full size)

    I recommend you get at least over 3000 points for these 3 games if you want them to count. After I finish the game, I usually submit my score as a guest. When I just clicked on "Go Back To Games" before, I never got credited.

    After you play 2 games, you should be awarded with your 2 SB.  YAY! Remember you can get 10 SB a day by doing this. I never got over 10 SB before.

    My personal experience with games:
    I did join a paid game tournament once, but I never did again because they recorded my score down as 0! I don't recommend you join the game tournaments. I always play for free. Plus there are a lot of hackers in the games which causes the whole tournament to be unfair. If you take a look at the high scores on the score boards, you'll know what I'm talking about. Those high scores are impossible to get with normal game play.
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