Thursday, April 21, 2011

Points2Shop: Freebies (FREE Stuff)

One of the best things I like about Points2Shop is that they have an entire section dedicated to freebies alone. Meaning free give outs of promotional samples, food samples, and a lot more! All content there are user generated. You do not get points for signing up for anything there, however you do get a lot of free stuff. :)

To access the Freebies section, hover over the "Earn Points" button at the top left, and click "Freebies". (Click to see full size screenshot)

Then you will see a list of Freebies! Enjoy! If a Freebie is good, make sure you give it a good rating (+) and leave a comment. If it bad, click the (-) so others won't bother looking at it again.

You can also share Freebies you find with others! You get 1 lottery ticket for ever Freebie you share, but make sure you don't spam. You will loose 1 lottery ticket for each spam, and risk being BANNED! No weak discounts is allowed, has to be 100% free. Offers saying you have to pay for the shipping is considered SPAM.

To post a Freebie, you have to go to the Forum first. Go to the top to find a link to the Forum.

Then scroll down until you find the "Free Stuff" section. Go that the section by clicking it.

Then just create a new topic. 

Remember to include what country it is for, what they are giving away, what you have to do to get it, and a link to the page you found it on. I hope this has helped you. 
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