Friday, April 15, 2011

Points2Shop - Read Their Email Newsletter

Make sure you read Points2Shop and Cashle email newsletters! Sometimes their emails will include a button that you can press to redeem 1 point! I mean it. When the button is there it should look something like this:

So read their emails! You get paid. Just click the link to claim your 1 point. It's great.

If you think you aren't subscribed to their emails, I think these instructions will help you get on their mailing list. I'm not sure if it is right or not, but try it.

First go find the "My Account" button on the top of the page, and then find "Change Preferences".

After you get to your preferences page, click on the "Privacy" tab.

Finally make sure "Notifications Newsletter" is checked. If it is, great! If it isn't, check the box and press "Submit".

Hint for Gmail Users:
Go create a new filter in your email settings. In the from box, put "" and in the Has the Words box put "Read this bonus email and earn 1 points". Now do a test search and all the bonus emails should show up. Now check mark the box called Apply the label and make a new label called "P2S BONUS". Save the filter and apply it to current emails. Next time you get a bonus email like this, it will be easier to notice!
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