Friday, April 15, 2011

Swagbucks: How to use Swagbucks TV + Tips

You can earn up to 75 Swagbucks a day using Swagbucks TV! It will take you some time though. Here is how you access Swagbucks TV. After you log in, go to the bar at the top and hover over "Earn" then click "Swagbucks TV".

Then choose a video you want to watch and watch it! The Swag Bucks Meter above should fill up after you watch the video for about 1 minute.

You get 10% (this value might change) per video. Watch your Swag Bucks Meter slowly fill up.

When the bar fills up to 100% (or 99%) you will get 3 SB for watching!


Keep doing this until you get to the 75 SB daily limit! Might take you some time though. So each video takes you around 1 minute, and you need 10 videos to get 3 SB. That means you'll need 10 minutes for each 3 SB. 75 SB would take you 250 minutes. 250 minutes would be 4 hours and 10 minutes. So to get all 75 SB each day you'll need a bit over 4 hours and 10 minutes. :) I'd give it 4 hours 30 minutes a day.

Here are some tips and things I do. I usually mute the sound for Swagbucks TV and have it playing in the background. When the video is done or I have got 10%, I'd click the next video. This works really well. I usually get all 75 SB everyday!

DO NOT bot Swagbucks TV. It is against the rules and you will be caught and have your account deactivated! They will sometimes give you a CAPTCHA to verify you are not botting. Botting is not a good idea! DO NOT bot!
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