Commenting Rules

Make sure you follow these rules! If you don't, you risk having your comment edited, flagged, deleted, and your IP address banned! So please follow these rules!

Commenting rules:
  1. No adult content or links to adult content. If you post adult content, the spam detection system will catch you and remove your comment. A moderator will also ban your IP address!
  2. No links in the comment unless it is closely related to the topic. Referral links other than mine are strictly prohibited. If you post your referral link, your comment will be removed/edited and you may be banned!
  3. Be nice to other users. Don't call other people names. Don't insult other commenters.
  4. No lying. If you do, your comment will be removed. Constant lying will result in a ban.
  5. No inappropriate names (Examples: Child Choker, Mole Lester, etc...) Whether a name is appropriate or not is up to the moderator's discretion. If a name is found to be inappropriate, the comment will be removed as moderators do not have the option to edit names. You will also risk having your IP banned.
  6. Try to stick with one name if it is possible. Please don't use multiple names and pretend you are a different person every time. It confuses the moderators. Remember moderators can see your IP. 
  7. Try to keep things PG. I know sometimes it's hard, but just try. If a moderator finds your comment inappropriate, it might be edited or deleted. 
  8. No uncensored cursing. If you do, a moderator might edit or delete your comment. 
  9. Do not impersonate other commenters. If you do, you will be banned.
  10. Asking inappropriate questions (Example: Is it right to f**k my dog?, etc...) will get you banned and your comment will be removed. No questions asked.
  11. If you post a link trying to sell users Viagra, you will be banned and your comment will be removed. No questions asked. The moderators are tired of you guys!
Whether a comment is appropriate or inappropriate is solely up to the moderator's discretion. Moderators might not give a warning before banning.

Commenting suggestions:
  • If the post to be interesting or cool, you may say "Thanks for the post! I find it really interesting!" or "Thanks! I find this to be very cool!".
  • Ask a question that is related to the post. Example: "What prizes does this company offer?"
  • Answering a commenters question. Helping out other commenters. 

Please remember guys, I do have a automatic spam detection system checking my blog's comments. It will most likely catch all the spammers here. It sometimes will also catch the non-spammers. I am truly sorry if it does. I may manually approve your comment later if this happens.
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