Friday, April 15, 2011

Swagbucks: Get 10 SB From Games Every Day

You can get 10 SB from playing free games everyday. You can win 2 SB for every 2 games you play. You can access games after you log in by hovering over the "Earn" button at the top and the clicking "Games".

You don't want to keep playing the same game. If you do, they won't credit you. I usually switch between Crusher, Drop3, and Rock 'n' Ball. Sometimes I might do Hungry Snake and Crazy Taxi too. (you can click screenshots to see full size)

I recommend you get at least over 3000 points for these 3 games if you want them to count. After I finish the game, I usually submit my score as a guest. When I just clicked on "Go Back To Games" before, I never got credited.

After you play 2 games, you should be awarded with your 2 SB.  YAY! Remember you can get 10 SB a day by doing this. I never got over 10 SB before.

My personal experience with games:
I did join a paid game tournament once, but I never did again because they recorded my score down as 0! I don't recommend you join the game tournaments. I always play for free. Plus there are a lot of hackers in the games which causes the whole tournament to be unfair. If you take a look at the high scores on the score boards, you'll know what I'm talking about. Those high scores are impossible to get with normal game play.
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