Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Swagbucks - Where are my Gift Cards?

A lot of you newbies will probably be asking "Where are my gift cards?" or "If I order one, how will I receive it?". If you are one of them, please stay and read this tutorial! I will be teaching you today how to find your gift card codes. If you need help on redeeming your Amazon Gift Cards, please see my tutorial here.

Once Swagbucks finish processing your gift card (usually takes 2 weeks for Amazon Gift Card), you will get an email looking like this.

Just click the "View My Gift Cards" button to be taken there.

If you think you have missed the email, you can track the status of your orders by clicking the "My Account" link right above the "Account Summary" box at the top right corner (kinda).

Next click "Order Status" and a list of your orders should show up. If the gift card says verified, it hasn't been processed yet. If it says "In My Gift Cards", the gift card code is available for use. 

To find your gift card codes, go to "My Gift Cards".

After you have used the gift card, click "Mark As Used" so you don't get confused later on as you order more. I hope this has helped you! Please share with your friends! Also, I've got some tips here teaching you how to snag Amazon Gift Cards more efficiently. :)

If you need help redeeming an Amazon Gift Card, please see the blog post here.
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