Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Beezag: How to Watch and Earn

Earning points on Beezag is easy. First, you need to sign in. Then check if there are any matches for you. If there are new matches, it will appear under the video box.

I recommend you watch all your matches as they are very short. So click on the one that you want to watch the most and it should load on the video box above the matches.

As the video plays, watch for the numbers that scroll across the video box. Make sure you remember them as you need it when the video is done playing.

After the video is done playing type the 2 numbers you saw into the box and press Submit.

If you got it right, it should tell you how much points you got. If you got it wrong, it will tell you that your answer is wrong and you have to rewatch your video.

If you reach an error page like I did last time, don't get credited, and the video no longer appears in your matches, just contact Customer Support and they'll make it right. :) Trust me. Happened to me once, and they made it right for me. After you finish the first video, repeat with second video. Keep doing this until you finish watching all your matches.
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