Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Swagbucks - The Daily 5

Did you know that you can get 5 Swagbucks really easily everyday? It just takes a few minutes! Here is how you do it. You can get 1 SB from using the Swagbucks toolbar, 1SB for visiting Trusted Surveys, 1 SB for voting on the current Daily Poll, and 2 SBs from NOSOs.

Swagbucks Toolbar
I don't have much info on how you can win with the Swagbucks toolbar because I never installed it. I'm running out of hard drive space. :( A lot of junk on my computer. I think you just need to sign in on your toolbar to get your daily 1 SB. You can find the Swagbucks toolbar here.

Now let me tell you about the other 4SB that you can get daily without having to install anything. :) See the 2 pictures below on how to access Trusted Surveys, Daily Poll, and the NOSOs. (Click on the images to see full size)

Trust Surveys
You can get 1 SB a day just for visiting Trusted Surveys! You don't even need to do any of the surveys. You get it just for visiting the page.

Daily Poll
You can get 1 SB for voting on the Daily Poll. You will only be awarded on the current daily poll. You can vote on older polls, but you don't get SB for that.

Great products! Please check them out! :)

NOSOs or No Obligation Special Offers gets you 2 SB a day. This is what I do for NOSOs every day. I start off by going to the NOSOs and then clicking the "Start Earning Now" button (screenshot below)

I usually just skip through the offers because none of them interests me. You can skip the offer by clicking the "Skip" button or the "See Next Offer" button. See the screenshots below for reference.

You are not required to sign up to get your 2 SB and I usually aren't interested in them, so I skip it. You can skip through it too unless you are really intersted. After you are done skipping through them, you will be redirected to Special Offers and there will be a captcha at the top you need to type in to get your 2 SB.

There you have it! The daily 5 is yours! Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial! Please share with other Swagbucks users!
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