Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bing Rewards Preview

Bing Rewards is Microsoft's free stuff website. I trust Microsoft's own program over others because Microsoft is a big company and they will never try to scam you. The only requirements for this program is that you need a Windows Live ID, using the Windows OS, use Internet Explorer (IE), and is willing to download the Bing Toolbar.

On Bing Rewards, it is easy to get points. You can get points for searching with Bing, and sometimes they will have a few offers. An offer I got last time was to check out the weather in France. They are really easy to do and usually just involves 1 mouse click! They also have great prizes including Amazon gift cards, Starbucks Gift Cards, Xbox Live Points, and much more! They even got a lot of Bing gear not available elsewhere! Now they DO NOT have a referral system. So I did this article just to help you out! I get no benefits. :)
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