Friday, November 4, 2011

App Trailer Review

Update 12-28-2012: The company recently ended their referral program. I take it as a sign that the company is going down hill possibly going bankrupt. They are still paying, but you should take this into consideration. Using my code will no longer get you or me points.

Videos available
Okay guys, today I came to tell you about a great app called App Trailers. I recently just got the app and I'm loving it.

Well before I say anything, if you are getting this app, there will be an option to type in a code. Use the code "sunny098", this will get you 25 extra points. Just putting it out there. You will see people in the iTunes store saying this code will give you 500 or this will give you 1000, those are all lies. All codes will give you 25 points as of the time of writing.

So what is App Trailers? App Trailers is an app for iOS devices that lets you watch short videos about apps in the app store and they will pay you for it. You can redeem Paypal, Amazon Gift Cards, iTunes Gift Cards, Crate&Barrel Gift Cards, Fandango Gift Cards and a lot of other gift cards!

What I love about App Trailers is that it is a great app for discovery and learning about new and interesting apps in the app store. I agree that it's good to get recommendations from friends and to read reviews, but watching videos about apps is another great way to see if you like an app for not.

Prizes Page
Okay, I'm gonna say this, please don't make rude comments about the thing I say next. Another reason I love this app is it doesn't really take time away from what you have to do everyday. If you are like me, you probably bring your iOS device into the bathroom when you go do your "business". (Please no rude comments. LOL) What a great time to watch some app videos and earn your self some cents?! :P You have to go do "business" every day anyways right? Why not make some money while your at it. LOL

Okay, this I am really not joking. I really do bring my iPod touch with me into the bathroom and I'm pretty sure a lot of you probably do the same thing. HAHA What better time to check those e-mails and to IM with your friends. :P Let's see updating your Facebook status, Twitter... the only place where your boss won't see you doing something other than work... ROFL Well anyways...

So go get yourself the app and start making some money! What you got to loose? :) And don't forget, please use the code "sunny098". It will get you 25 free extra points. Trust me, you'll regret it later if you don't use a code.

You don't need to download the app to get paid.
Just watch the video.
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