Thursday, April 14, 2011

Swagbucks: Tips on Winning with Search

I think the greatest feature on Swagbucks is that they allow you to win points by using their search engine. That is the feature that gets them the most attention. I generally win 3-4 times a day using their search engine. Let me give you some helpful tips today. Remember, DON'T randomly search and click. Their systems are smart! They WON'T credit you if you do that. If you are shown the rules page, slow down, you are searching too fast.

Tip 1: Setting a search results page as your home page
So go to Swagbucks and do a search. Search for "Swagbucks" or "How to use Swagbucks" and hit enter. Now go to your URL (address) bar and copy (CTRL + C) the address. Now go to your browser settings and set it as your homepage. Next time when you open up your browser window, it will do a search on the query and sometimes you might end up winning with no effort!

Tip 2: When to search
I usually do a search once in the morning, once during lunch, and once or twice in the afternoon. Sometimes I might do a bit more searching to try to win the 4th time. After you win, make sure you wait some time before searching again. :) If you keep on searching, you might not win. (Or even worse, be shown the rules page!)

Tip 3: Use longer queries
Let's say you wanted to know how lasers work. Instead of just searching for "lasers", try searching "how lasers work". Longer queries usually give you a higher chance of winning. If you wanted a recipe for apple pie, don't just search "pie", search "how to bake an apple pie" or "apple pie recipes".

Tip 4: Stay on the websites longer
After you do a search and clicked into a search result, leave it open for 3-5 minutes before hitting the back button to return to your search results. You have a higher chance of winning this way.

Tip 5: Bribe your kids if you have any
Generally schools will teach your kids (if you have any) to go directly to Google to search for something. Tell your kids to use Swagbucks instead. This way, you will have your kids working for you. Maybe you can try bribing them with an Amazon Gift Card just to make it fair with them. It's great if they are doing a school project, because they will be searching a lot!

Tip 6: Search on Fridays
IT'S FRIDAY FRIDAY GOTTA GET DOWN ON FRIDAY! Um... Ok, anyways... Every Friday is Mega Swag Buck Day, meaning you have a higher chance of winning a Mega Swag Buck or a Swagbucks over 20. So make sure you search on Fridays!

If you have followed all these tips, it should look a little something like this!

I hope you have enjoyed these tips! If you have any other suggestions, please comment below!
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