Monday, April 11, 2011

First Post! :)

Hey guys! Sunny here! I just made this blog. Might be a while before I finish setting it up. Please be patient.

On this blog, I will be bringing you websites that gives out free stuff. Not all websites on here will force you to complete surveys. Some of them will pay you to watch videos, while others will let you win by using their search engine. There will be a lot of great sites on here so please check back soon!

I will also be bringing you tips for Swagbucks, Points2Shop and other great sites on here.

I will NOT be giving you any info on how to bot these websites or cheat them for money. That is wrong and illegal. If you are here for that, please leave. I do not tolerate cheating of any kind.

Please check back soon and share this blog with your friends!
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