Thursday, October 27, 2011

Superpoints Testimonial

Today I got the $10 Amazon Gift Card I ordered from Superpoints. Thank you Superpoints! I'm posting this as a testimonial. You can trust them, I got my gift card. See my screenshot below!

SuperPoints is an invite only Free Stuff website. I'll keep updating my list of invites here on my blog. You can earn a lot of points from this website. They have regular offer walls like some of the other websites, but the best thing about this website is there is a SuperLucky button. You can click it and win everyday! They also send you points through email daily! All you need to do is click the link to get points. Gold members and above win when their friends win too! The invite codes are needed when you sign up (because it's invitation only).

Prizes include Walmart Gift Cards, Amazon Gift Cards, Home Depot Gift Cards, PayPal, and many more! Payouts as low as $5!

If you need an invite code, I update them frequently on this page.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Zoombucks Testimonial

I recently got the $10 Amazon Gift Card I ordered from Zoombucks. Thank you Zoombucks! I'm posting this as a testimonial. You can trust them, I got my gift card.

ZoomBucks is a website similar to Swagbucks. It is kind of identical actually. They pay you to use their search engine, complete surveys, and offers. The website also includes the Gambit Wall, TrialPay, and some other of these big company offer walls. They now added video rewards (similar to Beezag) You can cash out at 1000 points which is the amount for the cheapest reward.
  • Great Swagbucks Alternative.
  • Cash out Amazon Gift Card, Walmart Gift Card, Target Gift Card, and more!
  • Win by Search!
  • Includes the Gambit Wall, TrialPay, TapJoy, and some other of these big company offer walls. 
  • A video rewards system similar to Beezag.
  • Paid game tournaments to help you win even more!
  • There are sometimes promotion codes.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Superpoints: How to Win Free Points Everyday

Super Lucky Email
Something I love about Superpoints is their daily Super Lucky Email. Everyday, you will receive a Super Lucky Email that contains a number of points.

Once you open the email, it should tell you how much you've won.

Now just click on the link to claim your points. :) On this email, I happened to have won 25 points.

Super Lucky Button
Now let's move on the Super Lucky Button. Another thing I love about Superpoints is the Super Lucky Button. Every time you click on the Super Lucky Button, you have a chance of winning points. New members get 5 clicks, Basic members be 30 clicks, Gold members get 50 clicks, and Platinum members get 100 clicks. Upgrading your account on Superpoints just involves inviting more friends and filling your profile. So how do you get to the Super Lucky Button? Hover your cursor over the logo on the top left corner, then click the link.

Now you should be on a page that looks like this.

Click the button. Usually it will say "Try Again". That means you didn't win.

When you win, a frame should pop up.

There you go! Every 10 clicks, it will show you an ad. Just click "Keep Playing".

Keep clicking until you are out of clicks!

Don't forget to do the same for the next day. :) That is how you can win free points on Superpoints.

If you need an invite, please check out my page here. I update the invite codes for Superpoints frequently.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Amazon partners with California Residents again.

Yesterday, a lot of former California Amazon Associates Participant should have received an email saying they have the option to participate in the Amazon Associates Program again. Great news for me. :) I get to make money again!

Well apparently Governor Brown repealed the new law. Which means no tax right? Well I'm happy and everyone out there should be.

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