Saturday, April 23, 2011

Swagbucks: Get Over 100 SB Everyday

Today I will teach you how to get over 100 SB a day on Swagbucks. I'm just going to list it for you. This won't be a really big post.

So I can usually win 30 SB from search alone everyday. I usually win 10 or more SB each time and I can win 3-4 times a day. You can get more searching tips here. I usually max out SBTV everyday, which is another 75 SB there. :) You can see how to use SBTV here.

So so far, it adds up to 105 SB already. I then get 10 SB from free games daily too! You can get some game tips here. Don't forget the daily 5. :D I get 4 SB each day because I don't want to install the toolbar. You can learn about the daily 5 here. Now add the Swag Codes (tips here) and some video offers on the offer walls on top of that leads to over 100 SB a day! :) For me it usually averages 150 SB a day. Hope this has helped you! Please comment!
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