Sunday, May 8, 2011

Swagbucks: Don't Max Out SBTV Everyday


I recently got my Swagbucks account deactivated. They told me it was because I was earning too much from SBTV and they think I have been cheating them with a bot. That is totally not true. I share it with my family members and one of them works on the computer a lot. So he helped me watch SBTV and I usually maxed it out (75 Swag Bucks) everyday. That is just ridiculous. I tried contacting them back about it, but they were stubborn and told me that they know I was botting! So just a tip to you guys, DO NOT max out SBTV everyday! They will obviously ban you.

I will try my best to bring you more Swagbucks tips here. So please check back!
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