Thursday, May 24, 2012

Beezag Testimonial

I would like to thank Beezag for the $12 they deposited in my PayPal account. The screenshot here is to show you that the service is legit and again thank you! The processing time took 8 days.

Click for full size.

Don't have a Beezag account yet? Make one now! Beezag is a website that pays you to watch very short videos (something like TV ads). 2 numbers will flash on your screen while you view the video, you'll need to type that in at the end to get your points. Their pay is really good. I made $3 in an hour right after signing up! You have to get $8 (8000 points) before you can cash out. You can only cash out via PayPal or as Amazon Gift Cards. You can also donate your points to charity. More rewards are coming. You also get 10% of what your referral makes + an entry into what ever sweepstakes they are entered into! (This site may be US only. Sorry.)
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