Thursday, May 24, 2012

App Trailers Testimonial

Update 12-28-2012: The company recently ended their referral program. I take it as a sign that the company is going down hill possibly going bankrupt. They are still paying, but you should take this into consideration. Using my code will no longer get you or me points.

Today I am doing a testimonial on the app from the App Store called App trailers. As you can see above, App Trailers (AppRedeem is the company name) already paid me several times to my PayPal. So of course, no scam at all. Very easy to earn points. All you do is watch videos about other apps in the app store and they will pay you for it! :) Anyways you can read my review of the app here.

Don't forget, if you do get the app, use the code "sunny098" to get yourself some extra points! This will also get me referral points, but more importantly you also get extra points!
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