Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Let's Petition Superpoints!

Superpoints is a website where you can make points inviting friends, doing surveys, watching videos, and doing offers. The points can later be traded in for cash and gift cards. A few month back, they raised the prices to their awards by a lot with no big warning to their users at all before changing it. Now, just today, they just closed down their website, with no option for cash out for their users. They did not give any big warning before hand, and just made off their users money and time! This is very unethical and is no different than stealing. If you are on my side, or you are an angry Superpoints user, I recommend that you sign my petition here requesting Superpoints to give more time for their users to cash out!

Also, I recommend that you file a complaint to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) which have addresses, names, and phone numbers of Superpoints LLC on file. Any complaints filed on here will be permanent and is visible publicly. This will make sure the owner of this website will not be able to start off another scamming business without making things right. You can file your complaints here.
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