Friday, June 17, 2011

Zoombucks: Daily ZBucks

Today I will be telling you how to get some guaranteed Zoombucks daily. You can repeat these steps every 24 hours to get Zoombucks. :)

So first of all, locate the "Earn Points" menu at to top and then click on "Gambit".

Earn Points >> Gambit

 Now go ahead and solve the CAPTCHA and Submit.

Type in the CAPTCHA

You just earned yourself 1 ZBuck! You get 1 ZBuck everyday for visiting the offer walls.

Yay for 1 ZBuck! :)

Now go ahead and go back to the top. Now locate the "Win" menu and click "ZDaily".

Win >> ZDaily

Now go ahead and enter the CAPTCHA.

Solve the CAPTCHA

You just won yourself some ZBucks! :) How much you win varies. If you don't see a win box, that means you've already won in the past 24 hours.

Yay for 3 ZBucks!

Now the last one I'm going to show you isn't that much of a guarantee, but I can usually win once every 24 hours. Not that sure though... So go ahead and find the Search box on the home page and search something.

Search Box

If you win, type in the CAPTCHA.

Solve the CAPTCHA

There you go! You just won some ZBucks!

4 ZBucks. :D

So with this method, you'll probably win 3-10 ZBucks (I'm guessing) each day. Hope you liked this tutorial! Please don't forget to share!
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