Friday, May 6, 2011

ZoomBucks: Paid to Read Email

Make sure you read ZoomBucks emails! They sometimes will pay you 1 ZBuck for reading emails. Generally the title will include the words "Paid to Read Email".

Now go to the email and click the button labeled "Visit Site".

Wait for the page to load, and you'll see a "Click here to confirm reading this email" link below everything.

There! You just got yourself a bonus ZBuck!

Yay! 1 ZBuck!

Tip: If you are using Gmail, make a filter that will label emails like this with the label "Zoombucks Paid Email". Go to mail settings (top right hand corner). Go to filters and create a new filter. Put the email address of the mail in the email box, and type "Paid to Read Email" in the Subject box. Click Next, and check the box that says Apply the Label, and make a new label! Next time you get an email like this, it will stand out! You might want to change the label color to red.

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