Thursday, March 22, 2012

Zoombucks: Pick a Number Contest

I am here to tell you about Zoombucks's new Pick a Number Contest. As they made changes to the website, a lot of new things got added. One of them is the Pick a Number Contest. In Pick a Number Contest, you just submit a number once a day, they staff will pick a number the next day (I think). The 3 users that are closest to the number without going over compared to the number the staff picks, will win ZBucks!

First head to Zoombucks, and locate the "WIN ZBUCKS" tab and click the selection titled "Pick a Number Contest".

On the page you arrive at, you can see past winners and past numbers the staff picked. Now choose your number carefully and type it into the box. Submit the number and you are done for the day.

After submitting the number, you should get a message saying you have successfully submitted the number. Sometimes, it will tell you another user has already picked the number. In that case, submit a different number. Now you just wait until the next day to see if you won. Submit another number the next day.

Here is some tips. I would not suggest going for the numbers 1 or 10,000 as 1 would be too low and there is a very very low chance the staff will ever pick 10,000. I would go for a number between 3-9997.

If you don't know what Zoombucks is, Zoombucks is a website that rewards users with points for searching the web, completing offers, doing surveys, watching videos, and a lot of other things. They offer a variety of prizes including Amazon Gift Cards and Target Gift Cards.
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